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The Galera-San Francisco peninsula is located in the northern coast of Ecuador being part of the Chocó-Darien-Magdalena hotspot. This area features an outstanding diversity of habitats ranging from mangroves, estuaries, rocky reefs, coral patches to moist and dry tropical forests, with high levels of biodiversity and endemism. It is located within IBA EC-007 (Important Bird Area) bearing tropical forest surrounded by
the Muisne mangroves to the south, semi-deciduous forests of the Tonchigüe river valley to the east and north, and the Galera – San Francisco Marine Reserve (RMGSF) to the west.

However, this ecosystems are threatened by overfishing, habitat destruction, deforestation, pollution and uncontrolled development. People who live in this area are strongly dependant on natural resources for their subsistance, being fishing one of the main activities to sustain local communities. Most of the products obtained from agriculture and fishing activities are for exportation to the countries in the north: wood, cacao, shrimps, etc.


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Participants of this program will learn practical field work for the sea turtle conservation of sea turtles. Nesting season starts in June and runs until December. Monitoring beaches for nesting sea turtles is exciting and fun, but it is also very demanding!

The program is composed of eight thematic modules over the ourse of eight weeks. It is a
great combination of theoretical learning and the practical implementation of what has been
learned working in the agroecological farms of cacao and other tropical fruits that farmers


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