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In the year 2021 the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC)  financed 100 projects to rescue knowledge and food sovereignty throughout Ecuador. The project "Rescue of artisan techniques for the elaboration of utensils and tools of an ancestral coastal cuisine", presented by Fundación Raíz in alliance with Fundación Cusumbí, was one of the favored ones. With the support of Caemba , we carried out bio-construction workshops to build a ramada with a stove, an efficient wood stove, a clay oven and two inns, all with materials from the environment. In addition, pottery and handicraft workshops were held in mate and bamboo, with the participation of residents of the different communities of the Galera-San Francisco peninsula.

The ramada is located on a beautiful piece of land facing the sea on Quingue beach, which was given as a loan to Cusumbí for a period of 10 years (renewable) to work with children and youth from the Quingue parish and surrounding communities.

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Constructing a bamboo ramada on the Quingue beach 

Building an ancestral kitchen in the Quingue breach

Ancestral pottery workshop

Workshop of making mate utensils 

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