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An alternative to live in harmony with our earth

Fundación Cusumbí was legally born in 2019 with a mission to conserve the diverse and fragile ecosystems of the Galera Peninsula - San Francisco in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Our main goal is to educate children and tenager through workshops and activities , to raise awareness about the importance of respecting all beings of nature, and to protect the surrounding forests and beaches.

One of Cusumbí's priorities is to promote the education of children and teenagers in the area, with the support of local and international volunteers, through theoretical-practical workshops linked to activities that are in connection with nature and that can improve life opportunities.


 Our vision to create sustainable communities, where new generations have the opportunity to be fully educated and where the population maintains a harmonious relationship with nature.In recent years, we have been working with other local organizations to strengthen sustainable enterprises to build a development model in balance with nature. Some examples are regenerative agriculture, community tourism, sea turtle rescue, bio-construction, recovery of ancestral knowledge, eco-tourism, crafts.

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